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All of us minus one (2019)
All of us, minus one. (2019)
It started with one word. Community. That's exactly what Cathy saw missing a few years into her move to Austin from Australia. A place to sit, connect and really drink your coffee. No paper cups, no funny business, just a great cup of coffee, some authentic smoko (Australian style morning tea or lunch) and a good catch up with a friend or neighbour. 
Runaway Luna is your second home, it's a place to call your own. Come, pull up a chair and create some memories with us. 
So... What's the story behind the name, 'Runaway Luna'?
Cathy & Hanna (1993)
 Cathy & Hanna (1994)

Once upon a full moon, a young woman travelled to a far away land on the back of a motorcycle, lioness mane of golden locks flicking behind her, leaving the small town blues behind... She craved adventure & the wonders of the ocean. A wild love affair left her with a beautiful daughter but heartbreak followed soon after. She bid farewell to the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

 25 years later, the woman returned with her daughter through the jungle, along the cobble stone streets and down to the sea... where it all began. 

Together, Mumma & Me decided to create Runaway Luna.

 Each precious piece of this collection is influenced by memories, passions and real places born in the heart of Mexico. As mother & daughter we have taken our stories and struggle and turned them into resilient, imaginative, wearable ART. Runaway Luna explores contrasting textures and materials to create statement pieces that feels as if they have been pulled up from the earth, from the ocean or woven by a little bird. For the dreamers. Window gazers. Rainbow Chasers. For the women who believe in mermaids, for the storytellers with hearts as deep and mysterious as the ocean. May this gift guide you as you carry her through to your BOLD next. 

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